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I had some friends…

I had some friends call to warn me about the “Smear Campaign” about me, on the internet that they have been reading about. Clearly, I was not concerned, did not pay attention, did not visit the site or even bothered to waste my time to read the contents of the page after page of this “Dianne York Smear Campaign”. Finally, a friend stopped by and together we read each link and asked me what am I going to do about this website¬† created by some mean – spirited, very vicious people who have obviously gone that extra mile and spent lots of money just so they can print false statements about me.

I had no idea that I can cause so much jealousy! Well, I guess if you have traveled every corner of the world and have been a very successful entrepreneur, others, like the one who created the website against me cannot help but get jealous…. It is sad to think that they have nothing else good going on in their lives that they find the need to spend their time and money in printing page after page of lies.

The biggest problem I have my dear admirers, is whoever created the website and those that respond and cater to it, must have some very low self esteem, and should ask themselves why they have to use this brutal way of hurting another human being. Only a complete moron and bully can do something like this and go to bed and sleep soundly. They can’t face me to tell me what they think in person and they have to hide behind a false virtual name… sad indeed…

Well, you know the site you are on right now is owned by me, Dianne York, right? Unlike you, I take full responsibility for everything you see and read on this site and I do not see the need to hide under someone’s skirt or create a virtual name. I really encourage you to keep on reading and you might actually learn a thing or two about your larger than life idol, no one other than me, Dianne York!

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  1. Mau says...

    I don’t understand how someone can hate another person so much to go above and beyond to hurt that person. I think it is such a waste of time and money and it only proves the immaturity of people. We all have that person whom we cant stand, however to go out of your way to bring them down is not OK.

    Coming from someone that works at The Spa of La Jolla, i really don’t understand what all the fuss is about. The spa is such a beautiful place. The staff is combined with the greatest people I’ve met. I’ve got paid every paycheck to the very last penny. We work so hard to keep the place running and together we will prevail. Dianne has never said anything rude or disrespected me in any form of way. I think what you have against her is a personal matter and should be kept that way- to stoop down so low and make a website about someone proclaiming your hatred towards Dianne and the spa is ridiculous.
    I just want to say that my time here at The Spa of La Jolla has been the best. Whatever happened before The Spa of La Jolla is none of my business and as long as i get treated well, i will remain at The Spa of La Jolla.

    In conclusion, i want to thank you Dianne for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your spa. Your hard work and dedication will pay off. I don’t think i have ever met any one else who has fought the way you have to keep your business running. I really admire your hard work.

  2. just me says...

    I dedicate this comment to Coward:

    I hope & pray that nothing like what you have been doing to Dianne York will happen to your wife, sister, mother or daughter… Can you imagine, how they would feel..? Do you even care…? Maybe you are so evil that you do not have a conscience, soul or heart… What are you? I can only classify you among those things that slither and crawl on the ground! Dianne is right! You really are a coward and I hope you are reading this, since you won’t print my comment on your website!! COWARD!!!

    To Dianne:I agree with Mau. You are one very strong, dedicated, hard working, wonderful human being… I hope all those that have tried and continue to hurt you will one day get their own share of pain & suffering! Hang in there…

  3. BETSY says...

    I personally had my identity stolen from the people that put up the false site on Dianne and tried to put up 23 rebuttles to show the world the false statements and lies that they posted with my name that they posted without my knowledge or permission and they refused to post them and put up false ones that I did not post using my name which is fraud and identity theft so I filed criminal complaints both at the state and federal levels so that the known perpetrators do go to prison.
    The sad thing is that it was so easy to find out who is behind this and who was part of the cyber bulling, cyber terrorism, liable, and defamation of Dianne York. The people are now known to you. These people feel that they are above the law. This is not true. They feel that no one will do anything about their crimes. That is not true. Many of us have filed complaints. The other site has listed real peoples names that did not post those comments and we all filed complaints with several agencies and you are all going to prison. Your homes, cars and most of your assets will be lost in the civil suits to ensue and the legal fees to hire attorneys to defend you both criminally and civilly.
    As far as my interaction with Dianne York what I can say is positive. Not anything that is on the other site nor would I ever use that poor language or infer such nonsense.
    I have a professional relationship with Dianne York and keep it that way. I have only positive comments and truths that Dianne York has exemplified here in this site and can attest that her story is true and her side is true. You are adults and can see what crimes have been committed against Dianne by those she named without the law doing anything to them AT THIS POINT IN TIME.

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